MIDWEST An American Experience Established 1979 Tel 01604 630449
MIDWESTAn American ExperienceEstablished 1979 Tel 01604 630449


Midwest was the brain child of Roger Woolmore and Nick Woodrow.  After the success of Pinocchios, which Roger started in 1975, Roger and Nick went into partnership to open their fabulous new takeaway based on American Style Hamburgers.  The concept was way ahead of its time in 1979, using a gas flamed char-broiler to accentuate the authentic flavour of our beefburgers.  A method we are still proud to use today.


The success of both Pinocchios and Midwest gave the Partners an idea of a restaurant and Merlins on the Wellingborough Road was established.  


In 1987 they opened a sister establishment to Midwest called Westpoint in St James, this ran for 8 years.  When it closed in 1995, Roger decided to retire and Nick returned to Midwest, with Carol to assist him.


In 2005, Nick had a mid-life crisis and invested in a Catamaran with dreams of sailing his days out, leaving Midwest in the capable hands of Carol.  The Catamaran has long since gone and Nick has a Narrowboat now, he is retired and enjoying a slower pace of life. 


Carol has worked for Nick since 1989 and still manages Midwest with the help of David, Adam, Honey, Jasmin & Emily.


We have seen and experienced many changes throughout the last 42 years, we would like to say thank you so much for supporting us with your custom, Nick & Carol x






5pm - 9pm

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